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Privacy Policy for University Employees

The University of the Visayas (UV) is firmly committed to the responsible use of the personal information, sensitive personal information and/or privileged information (hereinafter collectively referred to as “personal data”) you entrust with us.

This privacy notice serves to inform you of the data collection, sharing, confidentiality, and data security, retention and disposal policies the University has in place to protect your personal data in compliance with Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Privacy Commission.


What information do we collect?

We acquire, collect and generate your personal data through our data-gathering forms and in other various forms such as written records, photographic and video images, and/or digital material. These may include information you provide us:

  1. When you apply for a job/position or a particular service/work.

We request you to fill out our Applicant Profile Sheet which collects your:

  1. a) Personal Records: name, civil status, sex, contact number, date and place of birth, religion, city and provincial address, contact person and your personal numbers;
  2. b) Government-issued numbers: TIN#, SSS#, PagIBIG#, PhilHealth#;
  3. c) Educational background, seminars you have attended and details about your professional license, if any. (e.g., name of school, course and year graduated, licensure exam taken, license number)
  4. d) If you are married: name of your spouse, his/her occupation and employer, company contact number, as well as the number of your children, their names and age.


We will also request you to provide your resume and Transcript of Records including the certificates of your seminars and trainings, and information generated from your interview and those obtained from your professional referees during the preliminary screening. In case you have already been engaged by the University, we may use the information we have in possession to process your application for a different position.

We may also conduct background checking from external institutions and confirm your employment status and length of service in the institution.  However, your sensitive personal information such as address, date of birth, salary and nature of separation will be strictly held confidential unless your request and approval is obtained.


  1. When you are officially hired.

Additional information may be collected when you are officially hired by the University such as, but not limited to:

  1. a) colored pictures;
  2. b) Certificate of Employment or Certificate of Good Moral Character, School Clearance if you were previously employed from another school;
  3. c) SSS E-1 and SSS Digitized ID or Static Information;
  4. d) Tax related documents, such as your TIN ID or BIR Form 1902 (with stamp) or 2305 and 2316;
  5. e) PhilHealth ID or MDR or PhilHealth Member Registration Form;
  6. f) Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form and/or ID;
  7. g) Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate including those of your dependents (if any);
  8. h) PSA Marriage Certificate if you are married;
  9. i) Psychometric exams, Medical Certificate/ Fit-to-Work Clearance; and
  10. j) Bank account details necessary to facilitate the processing of your compensation.


  1. During your employment.

We may also collect additional information from you during your employment with us. This includes your:

  1. a) Annual physical examination results;
  2. b) Attendance records;
  3. c) Group affiliation or membership;
  4. d) Data that may be used to process your loan applications and insurance claims;
  5. e) Data that we may gather about you in performance evaluations or in administrative and disciplinary cases; and
  6. f) Pictures or videos of activities you participate in via official documentation of such activity, or through recordings from closed-circuit security television cameras installed within and around the University premises.

You may also have provided us with personal data other than yours (i.e., contact details of the person we can notify in case of any emergency, your professional and character references and other data of similar nature). In this case, you warrant that you have obtained their permission to provide their information to us.


Why do we collect them?

We collect and use your personal data only as necessary for the purposes which it was obtained, to pursue our legitimate interests as an educational institution to the extent permitted or required by law. We may process the personal information you provided in our data-gathering forms for the following purposes:

  • processing, screening and evaluating your application;
  • checking if your qualifications meet the requirements;
  • checking your background information, including verification of submitted information;
  • communication for invitation of screening and interviews;
  • administering remuneration, payroll, and other standard employment functions;
  • administering human resource-related processes relating to performance management and any disciplinary issues;
  • providing services, facilities, security, and staff benefits to you;
  • facilitating your claims and remittances for mandatory benefits;
  • supporting your training, health, safety, welfare and religious requirements;
  • maintaining a compilation of statistics and conducting surveys and research for internal and statutory reporting requirements;
  • enabling the Human Resource Development and Management to contact others in case of any emergency; and
  • other similar or related tasks.

The processing of your personal data under the following purposes mentioned above are considered necessary for us to fulfill our contractual obligations to you, comply with legal obligations, protect your vitally important interests, including your life and health, comply with requirements of public order and public safety, or pursue the legitimate interests of the University or a third party. We also understand the strict limitations to the processing of your sensitive personal information, and we commit to abide by the rules provided for in the Act.


How do we share or transfer them?

The personal data we collect are shared internally for Official Business Purposes only. We will not share your personal data with any third party that intends to use it for commercial purposes, unless you have freely given a specific and informed consent. However, we may share, disclose or transfer your personal data with third parties under the following circumstances:

  • Your personal information will be shared to HR Personnel, the Requesting Department and Panel Committee for Interviews for further evaluation of your application;
  • After successfully landing the job, your application information will be shared to the Finance and Accounting department for the job offer and endorsement for payroll and benefits;
  • Your contact information may be shared to the department heads/deans as necessary for the contacts of the department especially for facilitation of schedules such as department orientation, trainings and assigning of teaching loads or work assignments on the on-boarding period;
  • We may also submit your information to government agencies such as the Commission on Higher Education and Department of Education for accreditation, and comply with reportorial requirements to the Department of Labor and Employment, and to the Social Security System, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Pag-IBIG, and Bureau of Internal Revenue for your government-mandated employment benefits;
  • Your personal information may also be shared to contracted providers such as insurance companies, banks, and other similar organizations in relation to loan applications and insurance claims;
  • Other purposes, where necessary and under circumstances required or permitted by law.

UV shall ensure that only authorized employees having the legitimate purpose of carrying out their contractual duties will be able to access your personal data. Transfer of information relevant to the employment is handled strictly by the HR Personnel and the concerned department to ensure confidentiality of the employee records.


How do we store and protect them?

Your personal data in our custody are stored and transmitted securely in a variety of paper and electronic formats, including databases that are shared between UV’s different units or offices. We strive to ensure that your personal data are protected against any accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration and disclosure as well as against any other unlawful processing.

In order to keep your personal information secure, reasonable and appropriate organizational, physical, and technical security measures are put in place to maintain the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of your personal data.

Use of your personal data will not be excessive. We will retain your personal information only for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes which it was collected, taking into account the need to answer queries and comply with legal requirements under applicable laws. This means that we retain your personal period over the period specified by our Data Retention and Disposal Policies. When personal data collected are no longer required, they will be disposed of in a manner that would preserve its confidentiality and protect your privacy.


How can you exercise your rights?

UV recognizes that every one of our data subjects is afforded rights by the Act. These rights include:

  • Right to be informed that his personal data will be or is being processed;
  • Right to reasonable access to his or her personal data being processed by the personal data controller or personal data processor;
  • Right to dispute the inaccuracy or error in the personal data;
  • Right to request the suspension, withdrawal, blocking, removal or destruction of personal data; and
  • Right to complain and be indemnified for any damages sustained due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data.


Should you wish to exercise your rights, or if you have any questions on matters to privacy, you may contact our University’s Data Protection Officer through:

  • Phone @ (032) 255-2434/(032) 416-8226
  • Email at
  • Mail at Data Protection Office, 2nd Floor Inday Pining Building, University of the Visayas, Colon Street, Cebu City

You may also express your concerns through our Data Privacy Contact Form via Google Forms by visiting this link: or use our downloadable Contact Form in the University website and email us.


Changing This Privacy Policy

UV may, from time to time make changes to this Privacy Policy to keep up with any changes in relevant and applicable laws and regulations or in how we collect, use, protect, store, share or dispose of your personal data.