June 26, 2018


The Gullas College of Medicine in its mission to deliver medical health needs in the country.

In response to the call for more physicians to participate for a better delivery of medical health care in the country, the University of the Visayas expands its educational horizon through its College of Medicine.

Established in 1977 with the approval of Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, the college is dedicated to the greatest memory of the late Don Vicente Gullas, lawyer, writer and educator, together with his wife Dona Josefina Rivera Gullas. The prominent couple who founded the Visayan Institute in 1919 which later become the University of the Visayas in 1948—the first university in Cebu, have seen the need of an immediate response for to increase its knowledge in the field of medicine.

Dona Josefina Rivera Gullas tasked Dr. Renato Espinosa to become its first ever dean. After years of strengthening its foundation, the administration under the helm of Dona Josefina’s children—Madame Gliceria Lucero Gullas as its comptroller with Hon. Eduardo R. Gullas and Jose R. Gullas as its Executive Vice-President.

Driven by its vision of producing a competent physician imbue with love, service, and leadership to the community and a mission to produce graduates who might one day serve the country towards health needs and problems, the Gullas College of Medicine is gearing its programs in widening its scope of training.

The Gullas family wanted to give students from Visayas and Mindanao a better opportunity by providing quality medical curriculum, hence, the college’s comprehensive curriculum and impressive set of trainings have managed to produced board topnotchers and medical professionals along its 40 years of service.

Some of the notable alumni in the college are Edwina Santos Fernandez, MD, FPPS; Aileen Ong Bacay, MD; Robert L. Tan, MD; Hope A. Manuel, Lino C. Balonan, MD; Loida Guasa Faelnar, MD, FPAFP; Rico F. Delgado, MD; Paolo Pantojan, MD; Fedindo G. Cobarde, MD; Margaret Sia Modequillo, MD, FPPS; and Marichel L. Marcolino, MD to name a few who serve across the country bearing the banner of the Gullas College of Medicine.

Pursuing a tradition of excellence, the College of Medicine is determined to keep up with relevant and advanced curriculum aimed for training the future competent physicians. True to its word of being a university with a heart, the College of Medicine is the first to offer its students a Study Now Pay Later program to its destitute students on 1965-1975.

Among the noteworthy achievements of the department is its record for being the first to establish international linkages and exchange programs. An addition to this is the MBBS, BDS, MD degrees in the university—all are being fully recognized by Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, International Media Education Directory, US Education Department, and General Council of Medicine of Great Britain.

With students and enrollees coming from the various regions of the Philippines and also from different countries like Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Nepal, Japan, Nigeria, India and the United States. It is a clear reflection of the school’s campaign of sparing no effort or expense in producing high quality education on par with an acclaimed international standard.

According to Dr. Leopold Lucera, the current dean of the College of Medicine, the college renewed its accreditation five years ago with the Thai Medical Council, making the college as one of the only seven schools in the country recognized by this council. The college currently aspires for the said accreditation of the PAASCU in order for their students to be accepted for further training abroad, to purchase new state of the art equipment via Transworld, and lasty to revise the Mission, Vision, and Syllabi on to more of an output based reality.

“By the fruits, you shall know the tree,” the quote which had been the flame that lights the torch for the people behind the college. It is with great pride for the institution to continue the legacy of providing quality education for the celebration of quality learning and to produce countless alumni in the future with a heart and service to the humanity.

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